Broken belt clip in Hamax Siesta bicycle child seat

Update 27/11/2008: Hamax has replied via its new distributor for Italy, Konig Bikes in Thiene (VI). Meanwhile the original seller Decathlon, after some negotiation and indipendently from hamax, has changed the piece under guarantee. Thanks to both of you!

22 months ago I purchased a bicycle child seat from a Decathlon shop in Italy, an Hamax Siesta rear seat. It’s a really good seat I use for my child every day.

Yesterday the main clip of the safety belt broke. I think it was weakened by sunlight: the original bright red color faded away on the ouside surface of the clip. I think it’s defective by design, made with a type of plastic that wears when exposed to direct sunlight.

I should go to the Decathlon shop to have it replaced (it’s still under vendor guarantee), but they don’t have spare parts or accessories and the whole seat is otherwise ok. I’ll write to Hamax and see if they kindly mail me a new safety belt, or at least a pair of new clips. Meanwhile, there’s a safety risk as the belt is not fully functional.

By the way, I’d like to buy an Hamax children rain poncho but nobody seems to distribute it in Italy.